our team

We are a management consulting firm focused on idea realisation through excellent execution. Please meet our management team, discover our core values and find out what ultimately drives us.

management team

Jeroen Houkes

Jeroen is Managing Partner of thehucproject focusing on program management in the telecommunications and high tech business segments.
Before founding thehucproject, Jeroen started his career at Accenture in the Communications & High Tech industry, serving national and international telecoms clients focused on online and self service implementations. Jeroen then started as an independent consultant serving more telecommunications and high tech clients focusing on large business transformation and post merger programs.
Throughout his career, Jeroen has developed a specialty in bringing off-track projects back on track – realising results under high time pressure situations in volatile environments.

Jeroen holds a degree in Business & Economics with a specialty in Management & Information from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Remko van Uden


Remko van Uden is Managing Partner of thehucproject focusing on program management in the energy and high tech business segments.

Before founding thehucproject, Remko worked as an independent management consultant for a number of multinational companies in the Netherlands and the UK. He started his career at Capgemini before moving on to Deloitte Consulting where he focused on customer relationship management in the pharma business.

For the past 5 years, Remko has led major IT delivery programs at Shell Projects & Technology that involved introducing cutting edge technologies and innovative delivery models.

Remko’s specialty lies within the transition from traditional waterfall based project management to agile delivery models. Being hands-on in both ways of working, Remko is emphasizing the importance of a well controlled delivery and making the change in paradigm towards agile development fit within a result-driven corporate C-level environment.

Remko holds a master degree in Business Economics from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

core values

What holds us together at thehucproject are five core values.


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Curiosity,”We are curious by nature and drill down to the bottom of a problem in order to gain a thorough understanding of how things work and operate.”

Courage,”We believe courage is needed to speak up and to start new initiatives.”

Perseverance,”In addition to that, perseverance is necessary in order to lead things all the way to completion and to successfully cross the finish line.”

Compassion,”We achieve the objectives together with the people we work with – taking the people affected by our work into consideration – at all times.”

Joy,”We enjoy working together and ultimately, we derive great joy from achieving all of the above.”


our DNA

We believe that people’s lives will be greatly improved when more brilliant ideas come to full fruition through excellent execution.

We enable you to implement your ideas effectively.

Our team orchestrates the trinity of Market, Organisation and Solution. We develop teams on your side and embed the necessary skills in your organisation for future use.