from distress to control

the result of your actions delivers a predictable outcome

When projects go awry, valuable resources are allocated to the looming prospect of negative return on investment. This is when thehucproject steps in. We execute projects from start to finish, orchestrating the three forces that determine the outcome of any business case: Market, Organisation and Solution. You will have a team of experts at your fingertips, committed to the best possible end result.

experts who deliver

We commit to your project like you would yourself, engaging in a true partnership. Critical deadlines and objectives will be met. As your right hand team, thehucproject will undertake whatever is needed to meet the targets we define together.

relax, we’ll take care of it

You can relinquish your control over the implementation phase. We will take full responsibility, keeping you informed whenever needed. You will receive regular progress reports. When key decisions need to be made, we will present decision papers so you are adequately prepared. The implementation delivery planning will be met – whatever it takes.


You will always have a team of experts at your disposal. With over 15 years of experience we – and our partners – have established a proven track record in the successful delivery of high risk projects, particularly in the implementation of products and services.

reaping benefits

We will only roll off from a project when your internal teams are firmly in control of the delivered solution. This way you will reap your rewards straight away and continue optimising the solution in a time and cost effective manner. After all, ultimately the objective reaches beyond effective implementation and involves forecasted benefits.

Portretfoto_TheHUCProject_Echt_Mooij_fotografie.vierkant-0390Worried about a distressed project – concerned about your program and want to recover control? Get in touch and we’ll discuss how we can help you out!

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