december 2017 [1/2]

thehucproject xmas party

The end of December can only mean one thing: time to (Christmas) party! On December 18th, we celebrated another year of success where we learned, educated and had fun a lot! It was also the time to pitch some new ideas for the future:

  • Some problems are not easy to solve, but excellent management can often give that boost that gives the solution. That is why we decided that from next year onward we want to aid a good cause by providing advice how to boost up their project. Isn’t that the Christmas spirit?
  • Our Toolkit, or should I say our Project Cockpit, is in the air! After years of polishing, we have finally posted it on our website. Eager to take a look? Yes, please! We are always interested to hear your advice, so contact us by sending us a message and start exploring!

And also to you, a Merry Christmas! It is a pity that you were not there to join us, but who knows, maybe next year…

december 2017 [2/2]

project cockpit beta version available for selected users

Ever since the beginning of our careers, we use tools to support our daily work and the work of our clients. When we started thehucproject, we began to consolidate our knowledge and experience into thehucproject toolkit named Project Cockpit and successfully use that in our daily work.

We’re constantly improving our tooling to make sure that the project professionals spend most of their available brainpower to the max and ensure that the mundane tasks are taken care off by our templates and supportive tools.

The Project Cockpit provides a single access point towards best practice methods, templates and instructions that are needed to set-up and run your program, in the future it will contain benchmarks on performance, timelines and costs of a program, direct ‘lifelines’ to our professionals that can help you out if you get stuck. In the end, it will also contain a vault where to store all your relevant project documentation.

This month, we have made a beta version of our Project Cockpit available for selected users and are currently working on the next version. We want to emphasize that this is still a soft launch. That also means that we are curious to hear your feedback about the first version. So are you also curious? Please send us a message for registration and be the first to take a look inside our Project Cockpit!

april 2018

our new office

For people wondering where we have been the last couple of weeks, we owe you an explanation. The reason that you cannot find us anymore in Amsterdam is because we moved to our new location in The Hague! Located at the elegant Red Elephant, our company is now busy with restructuring and reorganizing. But after we have settled properly, you can expect an invite to the new office and to thehucproject 2.0!