In an ideal world, thehucproject would make use of their combined excellence well beyond the projects they are asked to orchestrate. One way to ensure this ideal becomes reality is by setting up ventures. Separate entities in which consultants are stakeholders themselves.

jumping in at the deep end

The first venture is somewhat of a double-edged sword. Thehucproject is currently busy identifying patterns of orchestration. Certain elements allow themselves to be automated, scripted, organised into templates, and distributed on a global scale. On the one hand, this venture will enable businesses that currently lack the resources and reach of blue chip companies to alleviate their distressed projects. On the other hand, it also reduces thehucproject’s competitive advantage somewhat.

into the great wide open

In the next decade, thehucproject will continue to build upon the wealth of their consultants’ growing expertise. With the addition of multiple teams comes not only the depth but also the breadth of knowledge and experience. Ensuing ventures will reflect this multifaceted nature. We are looking forward to entering the realms of sustainability, education or even nonprofit organizations. It is our way to contribute to a more productive, more effective and less wasteful society.

Ultimately, that is the dream beyond the horizon thehucproject would like to reach.