what we do

thehucproject is a management consulting firm focused on idea realisation through excellent execution. We are often referred to as ”the Board-members’ right hand men”. Our team achieves maximum results by overseeing the challenges and acts appropriately with the required mandate. Our specialty is to bring distressed projects back on track – successfully turning around off track projects.

realise ideas through excellent execution

Many great initiatives never see the light of day due to poor execution. We believe you can be more successful with an average idea executed to perfection than with a brilliant idea that is executed poorly.

turn business cases into execution programs

Truly successful business cases owe their success to their conversion into working execution programs. We are experts at designing such programs, based on business cases, from scratch. We build successful project teams for high risk projects.

put distressed projects back on track

Most companies usually first find their way to us by the time a project has become ’distressed’ and the platform is burning. We have earned a reputation for successfully turning around off-track projects. However, we find that our first-time clients never hesitate to call a second time around well ahead of the start of an upcoming project.

enable clients to be in control of benefit realisation after launch

Throughout the entire course of the project, we keep an important end goal in mind: ensuring that our clients are able to realise the full benefit independently once the project is completed. We make sure that our approach is firmly safeguarded within the organization before moving on. In short: we save the day, then leave — but not before we have appointed a successor from within the company.

effective implementation of ideas into your organisation

Implementation is only complete when the solution performs as expected and when your organisation is able to operate the solution in an efficient manner. Also, you should be able to easily optimize the solution when needed. That’s why we will always embed an organisational readiness on all fronts – to ensure the solution is geared towards achieving all its objectives.